Background information

Student-centred learning has been an important goal of the Bologna Process that has been supported and facilitated by the Bologna structural reforms. The 2015 Yerevan Communiqué, adopted by the Ministers of the 48 countries participating in the Bologna Process has put a renewed emphasis on it, and more generally on the innovation of learning and teaching. The recent Communiqué also confirms that change would have to go deeper than mere structural reforms: countries and institutions should enhance and mainstream good practice in learning and teaching and develop ways to evaluate it. This will require more collaboration with and between the higher education community, and also consider the diversity of institutional and national practices, their needs and emerging opportunities.

The 2015 HERE conference will explore innovative teaching and learning practices, and assess what it takes to promote them within higher education institutions and systems. It will also discuss how some of the existing European and national instruments and structures align and support learning & teaching innovation. It will draw important lessons for countries that are formally within the Bologna Process and those that are strongly influenced by it.

Targeting a wide range of HEREs with different expertise, it will also provide ample opportunities for networking between HEREs and for reviewing and discussing the outcomes of previous HERE study visits, seminars and technical assistance missions that contribute to this topic. 

Background documents:

Official website of the Bologna Process


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High Level Group on the Modernisation of Higher Education: 

E-learning in European Higher Education Institutions (2014)

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