Evaluation Form - HERE Conference Rome 2018

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Welcome Session
Opening Address: Capacity building through higher education international cooperation: Perspectives from the EU
Panel: Capacity building from the perspective from EU and HERE countries
HERE activities 2017 and 2018: Overview of results
Plenary 1: Capacity building projects and Bologna Process implementation
Plenary 2: Capacity building projects and autonomy and governance reform
Plenary 3: Capacity building partnerships and mutual benefits
Regional break out groups: Central Asia
Regional break out groups: Southern Med
Regional break out groups: Western Balkans
Regional break out groups: Eastern Europe
Parallel Round Tables: Recognition and qualifications frameworks (Group 1 - Declan Kennedy)
Parallel Round Tables: Quality assurance reform (Group 2 - Rafael Llavori)
Parallel Round Tables: Mobility (Group 3 - Romina Kniaz)
Parallel Round Tables: Teaching and learning reform (Group 4 - Michael Gaebel )
Closing Session
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