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Opening Session
E-learning in the Southern Mediterranean: Trends and challenges
E-learning in European higher education
The diversity of institutional approaches to e-learning
Changing learning methods and approaches, their assessment and quality assurance - Introductory presentation
Break-out group 1 with Safa Nasser Elddin
Break-out group 2 with Jasmina Nlkolic
Break-out group 3 with Diala Hamaidi
Digitalisation of the university: Implications for learning, teaching, and research
E-learning to address challenges in conflict regions?
Brief presentation of the HERE Virtual Community and Website
Break-out group 1: How ICT can support internationalisation
Break-out group 2: The policy and structural support that e-learning requires
Break-out group 3: How ICT based learning effects the work of teachers and other staff
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