Technical Assistance Missions (TAM)

Technical Assistance Missions (TAM) are part of the HERE activities, managed by the SPHERE (Support and Promotion for Higher Education Reform Experts) team, a consortium consisting of the University of Barcelona (UB) and the European University Association (EUA) and acting as service provider for the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). 
TAM provide targeted assistance to National Erasmus+ Offices (NEO) and HERE teams in Partner countries neighbouring the EU. In essence, a TAM is the provision of an international expert for the period of 1.5 - 2 working days. Each NEO is entitled to approximately two TAM a year. What exactly the experts provide is very much subject to the needs of the NEO and the HEREs, regarding the themes, activities and also the format. 
For example, the expert could be asked to
  • conduct a workshop on a specific topic
  • provide inputs to a conference that the NEO organises
  • chair a round table discussion on a topical issue
  • present trends and current information in the form of a lecture
  • facilitate focus groups within different institutions or higher education related organisations
  • assist in national policy discussions with student groups, government officials or other stakeholders  
  • support a national HERE team in developing training materials. 
The two TAM per year and per country can be organised in various ways: this could entail several visits on the same topic or on different topics, two events taking place back to back (3-4 days) or two experts participating in one mission at the same time. This can be done in the context of an event that the NEO or another organisation/institution would organise specifically for the TAM, or in the context of meetings, events, projects and other activities that are already being planned.