TAMs 2015

Technical assistance missions (TAMs) in 2015


Event: Future of e-learning in Lebanon
Expert: Michael Gaebel, Director, Higher Education Policy Unit, EUA
Location: Lebanon
Date: 28 May 2015
Type of event: Workshop

Event: National Qualifications Framework: from Methodology of Architecture to Implementation Practice
Expert: Bryan Maguire
Location: Kazakhstan
Date: 8-9 June 2015
Type of event: Seminar

Event:  Raising capacities of Albanian universities for internal governance
Expert: Stephen G. Hagen, Vice-Rector for Change Management at of the National Research University (NRU) of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO), St Petersburg
Location: Albania
Date: 16 June 2015
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Joint Degree: Recognition and Execution
Expert: Achim Hopbach, Managing Director of the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria; Member of the National (Austrian) Bologna Working Group
Location: Israel
Date: 6 July 2015
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Modernising the Curriculum and Setting Learning Outcomes and Mapping Assessment
Expert: Huw David Langer Morris, Director of Academic Partnerships – Swansea University, Bologna Expert (UK), Higher Education Reform Expert (Europe) 
Location: Azerbaijan
Date:3-4 September 2015
Type of event: Workshop

Event: Training on "Joint programme development: opportunities and practical tips" by Sundback and International Joint degrees by Becker. 
Expert: Rosa Becker and Annika Sundback-Lindroos, CIMO
Location: Georgia
Date: 3-4 September 2015
Type of event: Training

Event: Interdisciplinary integration as a condition for improving the quality of higher education. Interconnection of interdisciplinary and competence approaches.
Expert: Lewis Purser, Director of Academic Affairs, Irish Universities Association and Hanne Smidt Södergard, Lund University/ European University Association
Location: Belarus
Date: 9-10 September 2015
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Developing National Qualifications Framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Expert: Volker Gehmilich
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date: 16 September
Type of event: Workshop

Event: Credit mobility, ECTS, Qualifications frameworks
Expert: Howard Davies, Independent consultant on European Higher Education and Senior Adviser, European University Association 
Location: Turkmenistan
Date: 21 September
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Joint and Double degrees for Kosovo HERE experts and other High Education Institutions
Expert: Ulrike Krawagna, Management of Joint Degree Programs at the University of Graz 
Location: Kosovo
Date: 28-29 September
Type of event: Training

Event: HERE Seminar on Internal Quality Assurance Systems
Expert: Rafael Llavori
Location: Lebanon
Date: 4-7 October
Type of event: Seminar 

Event:  Strengthening Teacher Education Practicum Programme at Higher Education Institutions benefiting from the EU Practicum Experience. 
Expert:  Paul Blackmore, Director of King's Learning Institute, King’s College London
Location: Jordan
Date:12-13 October
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Designing and Administrating Double Degree Programmes
Expert: Francesco Girotti, Head of the professional unit “EU Programmes Education and Training”, University of Bologna
Location: Kazakhstan
Date:14-15 October
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Development Quality Assurance system in Ukraine in line with Bologna Process
Expert: Andrjes Rauhvagers, Head of the  Latvian Higher Education Quality Agency
Location: Ukraine
Date:20-21 October
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Doctoral studies (III Cycle)
Expert: Liviu Matei, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Professor at the Department of Public Policy, Central European University
Location: Moldova
Date:21-22 October
Type of event: Training

Event: Credit-Modular System and ECTS Development 
Expert: Luc André François
Location: Uzbekistan
Date: 26-27 October
Type of event: Seminar

Event: E-learning. "The Implementation of Online Courses at HE Institutions: The EU E-learning Experience"
Expert: Michael Gaebel, Director, Higher Education Policy Unit, EUA, and Eva Seiler, E-Learning, innovation manager, University of Zurich
Location: Jordan
Date:28 October
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Link between HE and Labour Market
Expert: José Gines Mora 
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date: 28 October
Type of event: Training

Event: Quality Assurance in doctoral education
Expert:Melita Kovacevic 
Date:29-30 October
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Enhancement of Doctoral Education Quality via Establishment of National and International Doctoral Networks and Supervision of Doctoral Students - Professor's challenge
Expert: Jean-Dominique Polack 
Location: Georgia
Date: 9-10 November
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Development PhD programs and organization of doctoral studies in the conext of Modernisation of Higher Education System in line with Bologna Process  and University Autonomy Development
Expert: Ella Ritchie
Location: Ukraine
Date: 10-11 November

Event: Development of Joint Curriculum Design for Joint Degrees
Expert:Boas Erez
Location: Armenia
Date: 11-12 November
Type of event:

Event: Development of national qualification framework 
Expert:  Frank Mcmahom                 
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Date: 16-18 November
Type of event:

Event: Improving financial management of HE system in Albania
Expert: Enora Pruvot, Deputy Director for Governance, Funding and Public Policy Development, EUA
Location: Albania
Date: 20 November
Type of event: Seminar

Event: Trends in higher education, quality assurance and implications for the university leadership
Expert: Andrée Sursock, Senior Adviser, EUA
Location: Tunisia
Date: 24 November
Type: Seminar

Event: Establishing and implementing indicators that would measure performance of the higher education system
Expert: Ružica Beljo Lučić
Location: Serbia
Date: 24- 25 November
Type: Seminar

Event: Implementing Research-Based Education (RBE)
Expert: Wolfgang Deicke
Location: Montenegro
Date: 26 November
Type: Seminar

Event: Institutional Accreditation: Developing a Culture Of Quality Improvement in Palestinian Higher Education
Expert: Rafael Llavori
Location: Ramallah, Palestine
Date: 17 December
Type: Workshop