Study visits

Building capacity and quality assurance for doctoral education. Malmö University, Malmö, SwedenIn the framework of the international training activities for Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs)’, two study visits per year will be offered to universities and higher education organisations in European Union or Partner Countries. These visits are organised by the SPHERE team on behalf of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency. 

Each study visit welcomes approximately 40 HEREs from diverse countries. The study visits have a strong institutional dimension, in that they provide an insight into the strategies and goals, governance and management structures, processes and activities of a particular university, regarding a specific topic (mobility, internationalisation, doctoral education, quality assurance, access and inclusion, teaching and learning, etc). To provide a better and more comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand, they also consider national level policies and programmes.

The study visits are highly interactive and allow participants to meet and discuss with staff and students of the hosting university, and other institutions, such as government/ministry officials, higher education agencies, employers or otherwise, that can provide a distinct perspective on the topic, so as to complement the university visit.

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