QA in doctoral education

Centralised Support to the Network of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE)

Technical Assistance Missions (TAM)


Name of Expert

Melita Kovacevic

Date of Visit

Oct 29-30


QA in doctoral education; Capacity building; Good practises; Institutional involvement; Supervision

Objectives of the visit


Format of the activity (seminar, training, etc.)

Seminar with presentations and discussions

Brief description of activities conducted

Introductory part (short presentations on the project and the sate of the art given by the host representatives); a block of presentations on the status of doctoral education in Europe, QA, research and capacity building; each presentation has served as an introduction for open discussion, exchange of the ideas and experiences; at the end of the first day there was a global discussion and concrete examples-questions from the host.

Second day was focused on the supervision, its role, necessary changes; the format was a short presentation followed by open, guided discussion.

Participants targeted 

University management, University Committee for doctoral education, professors - supervisors, doctoral candidates, representatives from the responsible Ministry.


About 30 participants.

Main ‘take-always’ from the perspective of the expert

The doctoral education is the core activity of the university that is the main research-educational national institution and needs to be restructured; special emphasis has to be given to the QA, in particular capacity building and supervision.