International joint study programmes and joint/multiple degrees

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Technical Assistance Missions (TAM)


Name of Expert

Annika Sundbäck

Date of Visit



International joint study programmes and joint/multiple degrees; development, management, quality assurance, recognition

Objectives of the visit

Offering a 1,5 day training course to HEI representatives

Format of the activity

1,5 days training course

Brief description of activities conducted

Training course offered jointly with representatives of the National Quality Assurance Agency and the national  ENIC-NARIC

Participants targeted

Administrative and academic staff at Georgian higher education institutions, HEREs, representatives of the Ministry of Education, as well as the national Quality Assurance and Recognition Agency. There was very high interest in this training and the organizers had to limit the numbers of participants. 

Main ‘take-aways’ from the perspective of the expert

- Georgian HEIs are closely following EHEA-developments and are well-trained in all Bologna tools, with a very positive attitude towards the Bologna Process (as compared to many EU HEIs)

- The training was offered at an optimal time, when there are relevant legislative changes being prepared, as well as high interest among HEIs towards joint programme development

- The concept of inviting national authority representatives in addition to the EU experts was working very well and provided an excellent package for the participants, with very few questions left unanswered

- The audience had a very active, dynamic and constructive approach, asking questions and being positively critical and interested