Centralised Support to the Network of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE)

Technical Assistance Missions (TAM)


Name of Expert

Ružica Beljo Lučić

Date of Visit

November 24-25, 2015


Establishing and implementing indicators that would measure performance of the higher education system

Objectives of the visit

The aim of TAM was to present Croatian experience in the process of changing financing model in the higher education system.

Format of the activity (seminar, training, etc)

Presentation and participation in discussions

Brief description of activities conducted

It has been presented: reasons for changing financing model of public higher education institutions in Croatia; cooperation with public institutions of higher education in the process of funding agreements development; process of defining national strategic goals of higher education system; process of negotiations with representatives of universities and students and negotiations with individual public higher education institutions; definition of performance indicators for measuring realization of strategic goals; definition of basis for financing the higher education institutions; implementation of a pilot funding agreements; obstacles to measuring the set of performance indicators; evaluation and monitoring achievement of the strategic goals from the perspective of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports; project for implementation of new funding agreements (2015-2018) with public universities in Croatia; recommendations for development of financing model for higher education institutions. Also, I have participated in discussion of challenges in the process of changing financing model of public higher institutions in Serbia and answered to questions about details of financing model in Croatia. I have tried to help to HERE team with my expertise in developing new financing model in higher education system in Serbia.

Participants targeted

Members of HERE team, representatives of public and private higher education institutions (rectors, vice rectors, deans, vice deans, professors), representatives of the Ministry of science and higher education of Serbia (minister, assistant minister), representatives of National council for higher education and National council for programme accreditation.

I believe that they benefited a lot, because the interest for presentation was significant and they asked a lot of questions.

Main ‘take-aways’ from the perspective of the expert

The main ‘take-aways’ for participants were:

  • understanding what are the main reasons and main benefits of implementation of performance based funding
  • understanding of different financing models across the Europe
  • importance of social dimension of higher education system and financing model
  • importance of negotiation with all relevant stakeholders (representatives of all HEIs, ministry, agencies, national councils.)