Centralised Support to the Network of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE)

Technical Assistance Missions (TAM)

Name of Expert


Date of Visit

September 21, 2015


ECTS; national qualifications frameworks

Objectives of the visit

To present/reinforce the core concepts of ECTS and NQFs, their policy framework, and the practicalities of implementation; to discuss with colleagues in the Turkmen higher education sector.

Format of the activity (seminar, training, etc)


One-day seminar

Brief description of activities conducted

Four presentations distributed throughout the day, with opportunities for Q&A and discussion.

Participants targeted 


Approximately 40 academics, administrators and middle managers, based principally in the specialist universities in Ashgabat.

Main ‘take-aways’ from the perspective of the expert

An instructive first experience of Turkmenistan, with insight into the institutional, political and linguistic context of its universities, as well as the hospitality of Ashgabat.