The development and management of Double Degree Programmes

Centralised Support to the Network of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE)

Technical Assistance Missions (TAM)


Name of Expert

Francesco Girotti

Date of Visit

12-16 October 2015


The development and management of Double Degree Programmes

Objectives of the visit

Technical assistance Mission in Almaty aimed to train participants on the topic of development and management of Double Degree Programmes

Format of the activity (seminar, training, etc)


Brief description of activities conducted

The seminar has been conducted over 2 full days. The expert has provided 5 presentations covering different phases of the development and management of Double Degree Programmes, including institutional strategies, curriculum development with case study, financial sustainability of DDP, students’ administration in DDP and Quality Assurance in DDP. The expert has also contributed to the group work organised over the 2 days.

Participants targeted 

The seminar has been participated by 12 HEREs nominated by Kazak authorities and 15 additional participants covering decision making roles within Kazak Higher Education Institutions. These included vice rectors for academic affairs or international relations, coordinators of study programmes and other experts on higher education reforms 

Main ‘take-aways’ from the perspective of the expert

The level of the participants and their technical competence on the topic was quite high and this generated a fruitful discussion during and after the seminar. The presence of the Ministry of Education and its direct involvement in the seminar brought added value to the event and drove the discussion to practical issues which will have to be taken into consideration in the forthcoming reforms.