Credit system and ECTS

Name of Expert

Luc François

Date of Visit



Credit-Modular System and ECTS Development in Higher Education: main approaches and challenges.

Objectives of the visit

Explaining the main challenges of topics related to ECTS: transfer, recognition, curriculum design, learning outcomes and its consequences for teaching, learning and assessment

Format of the activity (seminar, training, etc)


Brief description of activities conducted

3 seminars (in Tashkent Financial Institute, Head Scientific-Methodological Centre under the MHSSE and Tashkent State University of Economics) with in total 6 presentations + Q&A


Participants targeted (HERE/others – please indicate the functions of those who benefited from the TAM and approximately how many)

140 persons (1: 20; 2: 60; 3: 60) administrative  and academic staff of higher education instittitions  (HEIs); MHSSE representatives, National team  of Higher Education Reform Experts  (HEREs)