HERE Seminar

Universities and social engagement

University of Nicosia

Nicosia, Cyprus

13-14 June, 2017


12 June

Participants arrival

13 June

8:45     Speaker briefing

9:00     Registration and coffee

9:45     Welcome         

            Philippos Pouyiouttas, Rector, University of Nicosia

Charalambos Vrasidas, CARDET – UNIC

            Paivi Hernesniemi, EACEA, European Commission

            Interactive ice-breaker – SPHERE Team

HERE will be asked to brainstorm their topic top challenge and top success factor when it comes to social engagement (listed on flashcards). The results will inform the distribution in the break-out groups.

10:30   Session 1: Universities and social engagement: Trends and practices

Speakers will highlight keys issues and challenges and cite interesting practices from different counties and systems. Policy frameworks should be referenced and well as institutional autonomy and diversity and the role this plays.

Martin Unger, Institute for Advanced Studies, Austria  (20 min)

            Andrei Popa, Cahul State University, Moldova  (15 min)

            Chair: Charalambos Vrasidas, CARDET - UNIC

11:45   Coffee

12:15   Session 2: Universities and inclusion: Case studies

Three case studies are presented of universities with specific missions to include/provide access to marginalised populations in their countries and regions. Case studies should demonstrate how the institution fits into the diversity of HEI in that respective country and how the institution assesses impact towards its mission. Challenges should be assessed regarding student recruitment, RPL, retention, funding and otherwise.

           Tzachi Milgrom, Hadassah Academic College, Isreal (15 min)

 Jens Kemper, University of Bremen, Germany  (15 min)  

Bizena Bijo, Agriculture University of Tirana, Albania  (15 min)

Chair: Elizabeth Colucci, EUA


13:30   Lunch

14:30   Session 3: Break-out groups: Strategies for inclusion

Three groups- HERE assigned according to the ice-breaker activity outcomes/pre-registration. Each group will have a facilitator.

            Group 1: Implementing RPL

            (Chair: Jens Kemper, University of Bremen, Germany)

            Group 2: Monitoring drop-out rate and retention

            (Chair: Martin Unger, Institute for Advanced Studies, Austria)

            Group 3: Recruitment from VET to higher education

            (Chair: Jan Theliander, University West, Sweden)

16:00   Coffee

16:30   Reports from groups

16:45   Session 4: Employing technology for access: strategies, barriers, success stories

The session will look at how ICT is being utilized to enhance access and delivery upon the universities’ social mission. The session will go beyond citing programmes/initiatives and also examine a) their take up, and b) their impact. Methods for measuring success and impact will be elaborated.

Charalambos Vrasidas, CARDET - UNIC – overview presentation/examples of projects (20 min)

Elizabeth Colucci, EUA - Brief presentation of ‘MOOCs4Inclusion’ (on ICT and migrant/refugee inclusion)– (10 min)

            Chair: Henriette Stoeber, EUA


18:00   Close

19:30   Pick up service from the hotel to the restaurant (To steki tis Loxandras)

19:45   Dinner


Day 2  

9:00     Session 5: Fostering social engagement in the curricula

Introductory presentation: Martin Galvin, University College Cork, Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL), Ireland

9:30     Session 6: Break-out groups: Fostering social engagement in the curricula

Three groups. HERE will be asked to come up with three key principles/practices for integrating social engagement into curricular development.

Chairs: Martin Galvin, Henriette Stoeber, Elizabeth Colucci

11:00   Coffee

11:30   Reports from break-out groups

11:45   Session 7: University strategies for migrant/refugee inclusion

            Trends in Europe and key issues – Henriette Stoeber, EUA (20 min)

Case study: Jan Theliander, University West, Sweden (15 min)


*Commentaries (7 min each):

Ahmad Jammal, Director General of Higher Education, Lebanon

Perspective of social workers: Stefanos Spaneas, CARDET - UNIC, Cyprus

Chair: Elizabeth Colucci, EUA


13:15   Lunch

14:15   Session 8: Universities, research and social impact

            Stefanos Spaneas, CARDET - UNIC, Cyprus

            Chair: Charalambos Vrasidas, CARDET-UNIC



15:15   Closing session

            General rapporteur: Summing up


16:00   Close