UNIMED launches a petition for a Mediterranean Erasmus Generation

The Mediterranean Universities Union (UNIMED) has presented a petition for a “Mediterranean Erasmus Generation” in order to “strengthen mobility between Europe and the Southern Mediterranean, including South-South mobility, reinforce Capacity Building and support the integration of refugee students and academics”. This would reinforce, in particular, two current actions of the Erasmus+ programme – “International Credit Mobility” and “Capacity Building for Higher Education”. 

By signing this petition, it will support UNIMED to ask the European Commission:

  • To strengthen the International Credit Mobility dimension of the Erasmus+ Programme (programming period 2021-2027) to help participants (students and staff) to acquire key skills, support their professional development and help them deepen their knowledge and understanding of other cultures. This can be achieved by increasing the number of scholarships from the current number of about 8.000 grants per year (students and staff from South to North and vice-versa) to 30.000 per year;
  • To support Southern Mediterranean Countries in establishing a regional mobility scheme (South-South Mobility);
  • To continue to support the integration of refugee students and academics in the Euro-Mediterranean Higher Education systems;
  • To reinforce the “Capacity Building” action to work together, develop, share and transfer best practices and innovative approaches in the fields of education, training and youth.

This petition follows up a 2011 online petition to the EC launched by UNIMED at its 2011 General Assembly which aimed to promote the international dimension of the Erasmus programme and to widen the programme to Southern Mediterranean universities.

For more information about the petition, please click here.