TRENDS 2018 survey: Learning and teaching at European universities

The deadline for the TRENDS 2018 survey has been extended until 5 June 2017. EUA encourages all European universities and higher education institutions to participate, as an opportunity to share their experiences and voice their needs. The results of the survey will feed into the TRENDS 2018 report, which EUA will submit to the 2018 Bologna Ministerial Conference, and use in various policy and practice contexts.

The last EUA TRENDS report from 2015 examined the changes that took place in relation to learning and teaching, in the framework of European and national higher education reforms. It reaffirmed the increased attention being paid to learning and teaching at universities across Europe. It also highlighted that these developments are mainly driven at institutional or national level, and are no longer anchored in a joint and coordinated European reform agenda.

In response, EUA has launched two initiatives: the “European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching” project (EFFECT) in 2015, in order to explore the feasibility of a European-level structure for teaching enhancement or pedagogical training, and, more recently, its Learning and Teaching Initiative, to create a sustainable forum for discussion and collaboration on these issues. The first European Learning and Teaching Forum will take place on 28 and 29 September 2017 at the University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris.

From EUA’s current work on this topic, it can be observed that the momentum on learning and teaching has not faded since 2015. However, developments at European and national levels need to be better mapped to accurately reflect European universities’ realities and concerns. The ongoing TRENDS 2018 survey will be a cornerstone of EUA’s work on this topic. It will bring an updated set of data, feed into ongoing and future initiatives, and contribute to informing institutional reform agendas and European governmental reforms.  

The preliminary results of TRENDS 2018 survey will be presented and discussed in a keynote session during the first European Learning and Teaching Forum. Registrations for the Forum will open by end May, and will be advertised through the EUA website and newsletter. As a thank you for the time taken to complete the survey, one survey participant will be selected at random and offered a fee waiver for attending the Forum. 

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