SPHERE publishes the Outcome Report for Montpellier Study Visit

The outcome report for Montpellier study visit “Developing entrepreneurial skills: a new challenge for universities” aims to provide a comprehensive summary of the results of a pre-survey on this topic, as well as the presentations and discussions at the event.

During the event hosted by the University of Montpellier last 19-20 April 2018, HERE participants were provided the opportunity to assess to what extent entrepreneurship is already embedded in existing research and teaching activities at their countries and institutions. In particular, this report provides several conclusions for the HERE and their systems and displays the entrepreneurship activities carried out at the University of Montpelier. Other aspects such as research and innovation management, employability and teaching were also addressed during the event.  

It is expected that the HERE outcome reports published for each event will contribute to a better understanding of the SPHERE activities and highlight the topics that provide discussions, and support best practice exchange between different actors involved in the higher education reform.

Read the report and annexes in the following links:

Outcome Report

    Annex I. List of Participants

    Annex II. Case studies

    Annex III – Report from session on ‘Research and Innovation ecosystems’

For more information about this event, please access: http://supporthere.org/montpellier_2018