SPHERE announces Impact study on CBHE structural projects

The SPHERE Team is launching a study on the impacts of Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education (CBHE) projects in Partner countries, particularly the impact of structural projects. The study will produce a series of conclusions and recommendation based on the analysis of empirical data. The data will be collected through different means: 

  1. Surveys to project partners and to ministries in Partner countries
  2. Online focus groups in a select number of Partner countries and interviews with project beneficiaries.
  3. Analysis of the E+ results Portal and resources provided by NEOs
  4. Individual selected semi-structured interviews with NEOs/ministries/project partners

Two surveys will be launched shortly – one of project partners and one of ministries. The surveys refer to “structural projects” awarded in 2015 and 2016, however respondents will have the opportunity to mention “joint projects” that they feel should be examined by the research team conducting the study. The SPHERE Team looks forward to cooperation with NEO, HERE and project beneficiaries in this important endeavor.