Results of the Ministerial Conference on Strengthening Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation through Research and Innovation

Organised by the Maltese presidency of the Council of the EU with an aim to enhance knowledge transfer, research collaboration and innovation in the Mediterranean Region, this Ministerial Conference was held on 4-5 May 2017  in Valletta, Malta. It brought together EU and non-EU Ministers in charge of Research, as well as academics, policymakers, industry and other representative institutions in the two regions.

This Ministerial Conference was an opportunity for EU and non-EU Ministers in charge of Research to meet and discuss how to consolidate the regional dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area through cooperation in Research and Innovation.

The Conference focused on three main areas of particular relevance for the Euro-Mediterranean region: 1) A Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA), which has been launched to fund much-needed novel solutions for sustainable water management and food production, 2) how research and innovation (R&I) can address the root causes of migration and 3) how research and innovation should be placed at the heart of the Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda, a long-term strategy to support sustainable growth in the maritime sector and is the maritime input to attaining the goals of the Europe 2020.

At the end of the Conference, the Valletta Declaration on Strengthening Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation through Research and Innovation was endorsed by all EU and non-EU research ministers as a symbol of the renewed commitment towards the promotion of stability, economic growth and sustainability in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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