A renewed EU agenda for higher education

The European Commission published its Communication on a renewed EU agenda for higher education (with an accompanying staff working document) and a proposal for a Council recommendation on graduate tracking on 30 May 2017. This renewed agenda for higher education forms part of the Commission's broader strategy to support young people and strengthen the European pillar of social rights.

In the Communication, the Commission sets out its plans for four key areas:

  • Ensuring graduates leave higher education with the skill sets they and the modern economy need;
  • Building inclusive higher education systems;
  • Making sure higher education institutions contribute to innovation in the rest of the economy;
  • Supporting higher education institutions and governments in making the best use of the human and financial resources available.

Also on 30 May, the Commission presented a communication on schools and proposed a budget for the next three years and a dedicated legal base for the European Solidarity Corps.

Further information can be found in the press release and questions-and-answers memo (both of which cover schools as well as the higher education initiatives launched yesterday), and in the documents listed below.