Proceedings of the SPHERE Annual conference 2017 published

On behalf of the SPHERE Team, we are pleased to present the report of the annual conference “EU and its Neighbours: Higher Education Policy and Cooperation” that took place in Brussels 11-12 December 2017.

The Conference has been preceded by SPHERE activities carried out during 2017. The event has been an opportunity for main actors to take stock of the HERE activities, and to look at national and global higher education development trends.

It also focused in particular on the regional, bi-lateral and bi-regional policy frameworks that shape and enable higher education reforms, exchanges and collaboration, which also contribute more broadly so social and economic development and have an important polticial and diplomatic function.

The present report brings together different aspects and conclusions presented at the conference.  The proceedings consist of a document organised in seven sections, including the context, objectives, paralel regional tables, the role of HERE in Bologna Process implementation and student engagement in policy refor.

To download the report, please click here.