Participate in the European Commission’s public consultation on Erasmus+ - last days

The Open Public Consultation on the mid-term evaluation of the Erasmus+ Programme, carried out by the European Commission (EC), will end on 31 May 2017. This consultation invites various stakeholders as well as the general public to reflect on the relevance of the Erasmus+ programme, including its objectives, the effectiveness of measures taken to achieve them, and the efficiency of their implementation.


EUA would like to encourage all higher education institutions and other stakeholders to contribute to this online survey. As the voice of European universities, EUA will also contribute to this consultation by outlining its recommendations for Erasmus+ beyond 2020. 

EUA’s 10 recommendations for enhancing Erasmus+ are as follows:

1. Continue to simplify rules, requirements and processes for application, management and reporting, in order to decrease the administrative burden. 
2. Enhance paper-free and online processes and tools, data compatibility and user-friendliness.
3. Improve funding and funding efficiency.
4. Increase the number of grants under some of the actions, in order to achieve reasonable success rates. 
5. Maintain and further enhance the European dimension of all actions, as this is the key added value of the programme.
6. Improve attractiveness and accessibility of the programme for institutions from all over Europe.
7. Foster more equity in Key Action 1 - Student Mobility.
8. Increase flexibility to respond to emerging challenges, such as support for refugee students and staff.
9. Better support dissemination and sharing of outcomes.
10. Increase collaboration with the higher education community and the National Agencies on these improvements.

These recommendations are based on the findings of a study carried out by EUA in 2016, and take into consideration lessons learnt from the first years of implementation and the concrete needs of stakeholders. They focus on enhancing the quality of outcomes, and aim at increasing the programme’s ability to function in, and respond to, a changing European and global framework.

A concrete new feature of Erasmus+, proposed by the EUA Recommendation number 8, is to establish a specific support action for refugee students and academics, not only in third-world countries, but also in the programme countries. Support for migrants is already a declared priority of Erasmus+. A dedicated action would help refugees to obtain acceptance as international students and scholars, and also ease the task if the many European higher education institutions that welcome them, for example, in collaboration with Scholars at Risk. This has recently been presented in an editorial published on the European media Euractiv, and EUA will provide further details in its own response to the EC’s consultation. In addition, it will address other issues that are not covered by the EUA recommendations, for example, the current state of the Bologna experts network which, since 2014, almost ceased to exist. EUA is also concerned that the Masters’ Loan Facility may not reach its envisaged goals.  

Please click here to access the EC’s open public consultation.
The report on the EUA member consultation: a contribution to the Erasmus+ mid-term review can be found here and the EUA Recommendations here.