OpenMed publishes compendium of case studies about Open Education in the Mediterranean


The compendium "Opening Up Education in South Mediterranean Countries: A Compendium of Case Studies and Interviews with Experts about Open Educational Practices and Resources" has been recently published by the partners of the OpenMed project.

It is aimed at:

  • Higher education practitioners with involvement or interest in open educational resources and practices
  • IT professionals with responsibility for supporting the use of online and open education
  • Institutional, national and international managers with responsibility for furthering the appropriate and quality use of open educational resources and practices
  • Newcomers who wish to have an overview of the field of open education in the South Mediterranean region specifically, and worldwide generally
  • Higher education and open education international stakeholders.

The compendium is essential reading for anyone with an interest in international open education, particularly in the South Mediterranean region.

The compendium begins by delineating the key concepts and definitions associated with open education, providing a clear and succinct introduction for those new to the area. It then presents eleven case studies of international open educational practices across Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco, Spain, UK, North America, and South Africa.

In order to download the compendium please visit the OpenMed project website: