New Education and Training 2020 (ET2020) priorities

The European Commission has announced a sharpened set of priorities for European cooperation in education and training.

At a time when unemployment remains unacceptably high, and European societies need to urgently address the challenge of social inclusion, the new priorities reinforce joint work at the European level.

The priorities aim to make sure education and training systems promote employability, skills and innovation, increase social mobility and equality, prevent violence and fanaticism and lay the foundations for democratic values and active citizenship.

The European Commission proposes six new priority areas for Education and Training 2020 (ET 2020), down from 13 during the previous work cycle:

  1. Relevant and high-quality skills and competences for employability, innovation, active citizenship;
  2. Inclusive education, equality, non-discrimination, civic competences;
  3. Open and innovative education and training, including by fully embracing the digital era;
  4. Strong support for educators;
  5. Transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications; and
  6. Sustainable investment, performance and efficiency of education and training systems.

ET 2020 was established by Council conclusions of 12 May 2009  . Underpinned by the lifelong learning concept, the strategy covers learning in all contexts – whether formal, non-formal or informal – and at all levels.

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