An internationalisation strategy for Israel

The National Erasmus + Office in Israel, in collaboration with the Israeli HERE Team, has dedicated two Technical Assistance Missions to the topic of internationalisation, with the perspective to develop an inclusive internationalisation strategy for the higher education sector in Israel.

The first event on this topic was held 13-14 April 2016 with the participation of the expert Bernd Waechter, Director of the Academic Cooperation Association. During this two-day meeting, the expert presented European examples of Internationalisation policies in the field of higher education and participants had the opportunity to discuss their relevance for the Israeli higher education system and the need to set goals regarding internationalization at the country level.

A follow-up TAM took place on June 14 -15 of this year in Tel Aviv with the double aim of discussing diverse institutional strategies for higher education internationalisation and how the Council for Higher Education (CHE) and the National Erasmus + Office can support and guide their development. The event also addressed how Capacity Building projects in particular may be better sustained and integrated into institutional strategies. Since the Council, as a result of the aforementioned 2016 TAM, had already developed national policy principles for Internationalisation, the subject of institutional implementation is currently highly relevant to all HEIs.

The first seminar day was facilitated by Hans Georg van Liempd, former president of the European Association for International Education (EAIE). University and College presidents participated in the discussions, as did managers of international offices and projects. One point of consensus was that due to Israeli’s very heterogonous HE landscape, the different institutions have different needs and priorities regarding internationalisation and the national strategy should embrace this diversity. From the side of the Council and the NEO, work is being done to put together a road map to guide internationalisation and a portal where good practices can be shared ( The Council is also developing an national strategy to promote and profile Israel globally as a study destination. For this purpose, the STUDY IN ISRAEL website has been launched.

Regarding the second day of the seminar, HERE and projects coordinators discussed in particular the different needs and approaches for sustaining Erasmus+ project results, namely integrating them into longer term institutional strategies. A number of project examples were provided and participants were enthusiastic to develop working groups on specific issues, such as generating future financing for project outcomes or ‘thematic’ oriented groups where projects that have dealt with similar topics would meet and share practice more frequently.

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