HERE team member Yuriy Rashkevych appointed as the Deputy Minister for Education and Science of Ukraine

In June 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appointed Yuriy Rashkevych as the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine – responsible for Higher Education and European Integration.

Yuriy Rashkevych has been a Ukraine HERE team member since 2009. He has an extensive professional experience in higher education: He headed the Department of Computer Science and served as a Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations for 26 years at Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine. He also worked as an invited Professor for Polish polytechnic universities.

He is a known researcher in ICT and expert in Bologna Process principles and tools – 3-cycle HE, ECTS, QF, recognition, etc. He is the author of 2 books, 90 research papers and he has 10 patents. Professor Yuriy Rashkevych also supported the translation of the key EHEA papers into Ukrainian (ECTS Guide 2015, ESG, A Tuning Guide to Formulating Degree Programme Profiles Including Programme Competences and Programme Learning Outcomes).


Additionally, Yuriy Rashkevych is a member of a number of expert groups: The Task Team on Education Reform at the Ministry of Education and Science, established within the President’s Reform Programme; the working group on development of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Education” (under the Ukrainian Parliament Committee on Science and Education); working group on the preparation of Guidance on Higher Education Standards development (under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) and expertise on higher education standards.

He has been involved in international projects of USIA, CIDA, TEMPUS/TACIS, FP6, TEMPUS, ERASMUS+ since 1994.