Final Roundtable of the ESPRIT Project - Strenghtening the third mission of higher education institutions in Israel

The ESPRIT Project (Enhancing the Social Characteristics and Public Responsibility of Israeli Teaching through an HEI- Student Alliance) was initiated in 2013 and aimed to analyse, map and strengthen the social and public roles of higher education institutions in Israel.

The project shed light on the level of social engagement of Israeli students and their institutions, and developed models for the strengthening of their public responsibility. ESPRIT recognizes that both students and institutions will inevitably play a central part in promoting the societal role of higher education. The project’s activities are therefore guided by a student-institution alliance intended to redefine and deepen the cooperative relationship between them.

As the project will formally conclude in November 2016, this roundtable is intended to highlight its main pillars, showcasing the various outcomes of ESPRIT, as well as to discuss the relevance of ESPRIT for the continued promotion of the third mission of higher education, both in Israel and Europe. 

The ESPRIT project has developed three handbooks - Mapping Social Engagement and Responsibility; Developing and Implementing Socially Engaged Curriculum: Models and Reflections; and The Social Benchmarking Tool - which are available for download here.