EUA launches TRENDS 2018 survey

EUA invites all universities and higher education institutions in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) to participate in the TRENDS 2018 survey. The eighth in the series, the EUA flagship initiative aims to map developments in Europe’s changing higher education landscape. 

EUA has been conducting the TRENDS series and publishing the resulting reports since 1999, with a view to feed an institutional perspective into European higher education policy discussions, and improve the knowledge base on, and support for institutional developments within European universities. So far, TRENDS has been the only report that has consistently presented comparative data on developments in European higher education institutions. Over time, EUA’s TRENDS reports have become milestone references for policy makers and the higher education community. 

TRENDS 2018 will focus on learning and teaching (L&T) developments in European higher education institutions. The survey will explore issues such as institutional strategies and policies, L&T practices, and staff development and teaching enhancement, whilst ensuring sufficient continuity with the previous Trends 2015 report to allow for a consistent analysis of key European Higher Education Area developments. 

The results of the survey will feed into the TRENDS 2018 report, which EUA will submit to the 2018 Bologna Ministerial Conference, and use in various policy and practice contexts. As in the past, it will also inspire and inform discussions at institutions and in different European countries.

All interested institutions are encouraged to respond as data and analysis will be crucial for the debate on the future development of learning and teaching. In the coming days, leaders of EUA member universities will also receive an invitation to participate. There should be only one response per institution, for which a senior representative should take responsibility. The deadline is 12 May 2017.

To respond to the survey, please fill out the online questionnaire. For further information, please contact