EP Draft Report on the Erasmus+ Programme

The European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) has recently published a draft report on the implementation of Council Regulation (EU) No 1288/2013 of 2013 establishing the Erasmus+ programme. The report reviews the origin and structure of Erasmus+ and draws some first conclusions and recommendations on key issues, such as the simplification of the programme. The report is available for download here

In preparation for the public consultation on Erasmus+ (planned for spring 2016), which is part of the current midterm evaluation of the programme, the SPHERE consortium partner EUA has consulted its membership with a survey, collecting feedback from more than 200 higher education institutions. A comprehensive report will be published in December 2015. For further information on EUA membership consultations please click here.

Further information on the current midterm evaluation of the Erasmus+ programme can be found in the evaluation roadmap published by DG EAC.