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In response to the outbreak of Coronavirus, most if not all the universities have suspended face-to-face classes and moved or are moving towards online teaching and learning. The sudden massive...Read more
In order to fight against the spread of the COVID19 virus, the ministry in charge of higher education and scientific research in Morocco has suspended classroom teaching in all universities...Read more
The COVID 19 Crisis has led to a swift shift to online leaning in all 61 Higher Education institutions in Israel catering to approx. 310,000 students. The current multiyear policy...Read more
Nuffic has just published its (updated) guide "Joint Programmes from A to Z: A reference guide for practitioners" (2020), intended to be used by those interested and involved in the...Read more
The European Students' Union together with the Institute of Development of Education in Croatia and an interdisciplinary team of researchers based at the University of Zadar in Croatia are carrying...Read more
Discover a selection of online resources and tools for learners, teachers and educators during the outbreak of COVID-19. The Commission has published a webpage highlighting the wide range of online...Read more
The European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy have put forward a proposal for the long-term policy objectives of the Eastern Partnership...Read more
As part of the effort to make Erasmus+ more inclusive, in 2019 the European Commission tasked the SPHERE consortium to conduct a study of the implementation of its policy towards...Read more
Last 1 February 2020 Kateryna Suprun published an article entitled "Ukraine says goodbye to a Soviet era funding formula.” ( University World News, 2020 ) which the funding changes on...Read more
On 7 November 2019, the European Commission organized the kick-off meeting for the 17 European university alliances that were selected through the first pilot call . Under the slogan “Building...Read more
In the June edition of the Newsletter we reported on the progress of our study of disadvantage in ICM. Readers will recall that SPHERE had been asked by the EU...Read more
Members of HERE teams from Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan gathered in Batumi State University, Batumi, Georgia for a very interesting and unique cross-regional TAM seminar on ”Enhancing Quality Assurance...Read more
The 2019 selection results of the Capacity Building for Higher Education action of the Erasmus+ Programme (Action 2) demonstrate promising benefits for Partner Countries in which the HERE teams operate...Read more
The European University Asssociation (EUA) and its partners the European University Continuing Education Network ( eucen ) and the European Students’ Union ( ESU ) are organising a webinar to...Read more
The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) launched a call for expression of interest for setting up a pool of international higher education experts whose role will be to support Higher Education...Read more
This comparative, cross-country study reviews the links between integration and higher education policies. It documents the conditions and circumstances for access, retention and completion of higher education for migrants from...Read more
The European Commission has today announced the higher education institutions from all over Europe that will be part of the first “European Universities” alliances. Out of 54 applications, 17 networks...Read more
New technologies carry the potential to contribute to societal development and to improve human conditions, yet, they also bring about serious questions about ethics, regulation and equality. Importantly, they are...Read more
The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the European Commission (EC) gathered in the EuroMed University of Fes (Morocco) 150 researchers and other actors from the research and innovation (R&I)...Read more
EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) evaluated nine Montenegrin higher education institutions in 2018. Based on the individual evaluation reports, IEP published in December a system review report , which examines...Read more
EUA mobilised its expertise in university governance and autonomy to assist Kazakh universities in assessing their current regulatory framework and in pointing to opportunities to enhance autonomy in the sector...Read more
A new survey on equity, diversity and inclusion has been launched by the INVITED project (Strategies towards Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at Universities). The project is led by the European...Read more
Christian Danielsson, European Commission Director General for European Neighbourhood Policy and Thomas Mayr Harting, Managing Director at the European External Action Service for Europe and Central Asia visited Chisinau to...Read more
A catalogue on Monitoring Quality in Arab Higher Education has been published by Al-Fanar Media. The resource provides detailed, country-specific information about quality regulation and monitoring in the Arab world...Read more
On November 21st, a High-Level meeting between members of the European Comission and of the Government of Georgia has take place within the Eastern Partnership. Some interesting facts have arise...Read more