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HERE Study Visit:

Developing entrepreneurial skills: a new challenge for universities

19-20 April, University of Montpellier, France

This HERE study visit is primarly designed to assist HERE partner country universities to improve their ability to provide knowledge-based entrepreneurial skills and opportunities to students and researchers. We are going to tackle research and innovation management, teaching and course design, outreach activities and international collaboration, as well as student support. The visit will also highlight the role of universities in the entrepreneurship ‘ecosystem’, which consists of students, profesors, adminsitrators, investors, companies, regulatory bodies and legal frameworks. The study visit will allow HERE to consider to which extent entrepreneurism is embedded in existing innovation, research and teaching activities and to subsequently to plan strategies and structures that will enhance the ‘entrepreneurship offer’ of the institution and the ability of the institution to contribute to the full cycle of innovation and entrepreneurship, or the entrepreneurship ‘ecosystem’, in their countries and regions. Focused on the University of Montpellier in France, the visit will also guage cultural and normative contexts and regulatory frameworks that can impact the entrepreneurism and innovation of young graduates and researchers and promote ways to circumvent obstacles of this nature.

HERE of different profiles (members of ministries, managers and professors in universities, administrators,as well as student HERE) will gain first-hand insight how the University of Montpellier designs and implements strategies, teaching and services relevant to entrepreneurship. This visit will be interactive, engaging different staff members and students from the institution, as well as local partners.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the process of defining and implementing university strategies for supporting entrepreneurship, especially of young graduates and researchers
  • Devise strategies for better defining and activating universities in entrepreneurship ecosystems
  • Support curricular development and teaching innovation, oriented at fostering entrepreneurial skills
  •  Study and discuss university support structures and services that serve the same aim

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