HERE Seminar:

Research-based teaching and learning: From national and institutional policies to practice

VENUE: Rectorate of the University of Montenegro, Cetinjska 2, Podgorica.

Podgorica, Montenegro

May 28-29, 2018

DRAFT Programme

27 May, 2018

-Participants arrive

-Meeting of the SPHERE Advisor Group (16h-18h)

VENUE: Lobby - Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora


28 May, 2018

VENUE: Rectorate building - University of Montenegro

8:30 Briefing session for speakers and chairs

8:30 Registration

9:15  Welcome

  • Welcome from Prof. Danilo Nikolić, Rector of the University of Montenegro
  • Welcome from Montenegrin authorities (Mubera KURPEJOVIC, General Director of General Directorate for Higher Education, Ministry of Education)
  • Welcome from the SPHERE Team (Nicolas Patrici, University of Barcelona)

9:45    Session 1: Thematic orientation

  • Introduction to the topic, major trends: Wyn Morgan, Sheffield University, UK (20 min)
  • Programme, outcomes of pre-survey and learning objectives – Howard Davies, SPHERE Team (15 min)

Discussion/reactions from HERE

10:45 Coffee

11:15  Session 2: Institutional missions: Connecting research and teaching

  • Panel with short case studies (7 min. each, followed by interactive discussion):

-Wyn Morgan, Sheffield University, UK

-Catherine O’Mahoney, University College Cork, Ireland

-Elena Gorbashko, Vice Rector for Research, Saint-Petersburg University of Economics, Russia

-Lusine Fljyan, Vice-Rector on Science and International Relations, Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences, Armenia

Chair: Howard Davies, SPHERE Team

Discussion with HERE

13:00   Lunch

14:15   Session 3: Addressing disparities between teaching and research careers

  • Introductory presentations: Two case studies – 15 min each
    • Assunta Viteritti, University of Sapienza/UNIROMA, Italy  
    • Volodymyr Lugovyy, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

Chair: Nicolas Patrici, SPHERE Team

Three break-out groups (participants grouped according to institutional profile and expressed priorities and interests as per the event pre-survey).  Chairs will be Howard Davies, Nicolas Patrici and Assunta Viteritti.

15:45   Coffee

16:15    Short reports from break-out groups


16:30    Session 4: Adopting and implementing research-based learning and student enquiry approaches

  • Introductory case studies: One EU and one HERE country
    • Bernhold Hasenknopf, University Pierre et Marie Curie, France
    • Boshra Akileh, University of Jordan/Student HERE, Jordan

   Chair: Luc Hittinger, Ex-president, University Paris-Est-Créteil, France/ CLORA

Discussion in plenary: HERE are tasked with generating a list of good practices regarding support structures, training opportunities and incentives for integrating research into curricula.

18:00   Close

19:30   Official dinner - Imanje Knjaz Restaurant


29 May, 2015

9:00   Session 5: Supporting teaching staff to integrate research into curricula

  • Introductory case study:
    • Catherine O’Mahoney, University College Cork, Ireland
    • Commentary: Julija Jaramaz, Faculty of Philology, University of Montenegro

Three discussion/break-out groups (participants grouped according to institutional profile and expressed priorities and interests as per the pre-survey). Chaired by EU Bologna experts.


  • Group 1: How to connect research and education at the different levels of study (BSc, MSc, PhD)?

Chair: Ryszard Zamorski, Head of International Relations, UTP/Bydgoszcz, Germany

  • Group 2: How to use ICT in research based education? The role of digital skills?

Chair: Günter Wageneder, Department of Quality Management, Salzburg University, Austria

  • Group 3: How to connect research based education with mobility, joint programmes, international cooperation?

Chair: Giuseppe Ronsisvalle, University of Catania, Italy  

11:00  Coffee


11:15  Session 6: National approaches, policies and incentives

  • Marko Turk, Department of Education, University of Rijeka, Croatia (20 min)
  • Biljana Mišović, Ministry of Education, Montenegro  (15 min)


12:15  Concluding session

  • Howard Davies, SPHERE Team (General rapporteur)
  • Reactions from HERE
  • Actions points for institutions and governments

13:00   Updates on SPHERE (Virtual Community, upcoming events, newsletter)


13:15   Close

13:15-14:30 Lunch


Trip to Tivat (optional - tbc)