Tasks to HERE ‘Core Participants’

Thank you for participating actively in the SPHERE seminar “Exploring micro-credentials: Why, how and which way forward”. You have been nominated to participate in the core group of participants, and you will have to

  1. Fill out the pre-survey at the following link: http://supporthere.org/micro-credentials/webform/sphere-online-seminar-exploring-micro
  2. Have some additional preparatory work. 
  3. Review the reading materials and references we make available
  4. Watch the four pre-recorded case studies and review them (fill in review form)
  5. Post questions for the discussion ahead of time on the HERE Virtual Community, which the chairs of the discussion sessions will use to prepare the sessions
  6. Access the discussion groups, indicated in the programme.

You can download the tasks and the template for analysing case studies here.

After completing the pre-survey, please:

  1. In cooperation with the NEO and the other HERE in your country prepare a short report regarding the state of micro-credentials in different institutions and also with regards to national legislation. This should include:
    1. Prepare a brief list of examples of micro-credentials, with links, if possible (this would not be comprehensive – rather serve as example)
    2. State whether and how these credentials are evaluated, accredited and recognized (giving examples)
    3. Describe one opportunity and one obstacle for your country regarding micro-credentials
  1. Send the short report to nfont@ub.edu – It may be posted on the event website as resource material.
  2. Prepare two to three questions for discussion, based on the case study videos you have watched. Post these questions on the SPHERE Virtual Community where a discussion thread has been created.


Please post this contribution (you may upload a word document) on the discussion thread created in the SPHERE Virtual Community by 20 November.