SPHERE Online Seminar: Exploring micro-credentials: Why, how and which way forward

This seminar is being offered to HERE as part of the 2020/21 SPHERE programme, under the theme: “Higher education responding to changing skills needs”. It is the first SPHERE event to be delivered online, using the Zoom platform. Note that some of the plenary sessions are open for a larger audience of HERE, whereas the breakouts are reserved for core-seminar participants only which have been nominated.

Purpose of the seminar/ Learning outcomes

Micro-credentials have been addressed at last year’s SPHERE events, at the recognition seminar in Chisinau, Moldova, and at the Annual Conference 2020 in Prague. Participants confirmed interest into the issues, as an approach to provide learning and training opportunities that would enhance the employability of graduates, but also as an aspect to be considered in the revision of existing bachelor and master programmes. They also expressed some concern that the growing offer from international private providers could become a challenge for the university sector.

The learning outcomes of this event are:

  • Get acquainted with different definitions and models of micro-credentials;
  • Understand how micro-credentials are used in practice, including recognition of learning, options to build them into degrees etc.;
  • Understand the potential benefits of micro-credentials for employers and students
  • Understand the perspectives of learners, employers, institutional providers and teachers so as to anticipate questions and obstacles in delivering them and ensuring their recognition and quality;
  • With examples of the European developments, explore the policy discussion on flexible learning of higher education through different formats of delivery, and different learning purposes;
  • Develop an understanding how micro-credentials could be used in one’s own institution or system, and what would be the opportunities and challenges.

For more information, please access: http://supporthere.org/micro-credentials