Upcoming TAM: Which tools for developing a National Qualification Framework in Algeria?

Monday, 17 December, 2018 to Tuesday, 18 December, 2018


This TAM is a follow-up event to a regional TAM that took place last year in Jordan on the topic of national qualifications framework (NQF) development. Algeria has not yet developed a NQF and hence is convening the HERE’s and policy makers to discuss and plan how this can be taken forward.


The outcomes of this event, which will convene about 40 participants from the Ministry as well Vice rectors and academics, is to:

  • Discuss efficient ways to develop a NQF of Algeria, sharing concrete exemples and how to develop NQF through Capacity Building projects
  • Encourage the decision makers and HEREs to work together on this topic
  • Build a network that can develop project proposals to support this.


The scheduled expert that will attend this event is Brigitte-Veronique Bouquet of the National Commission for Professional Certification, France.