Upcoming TAM: Unvesity FundRaising (UFR)

Monday, 23 October, 2017 to Tuesday, 24 October, 2017

The Egyptian Higher Education system is consider one of the largest and the oldest system in the Middle East. One of the major challenges to this system is the limited government resources and the availability of the HE compared to the rapid increase in the number of enrolled students. Besides, HE system is compelled to play an effective role in:

• Adapting and fulfilling the requirements of end-users (i.e. students, community and enterprise),

• Encouraging uptake of objects of development process (projects, partnerships… etc),

• Building detailed strategic plans for development process and for HE upgrade,

These challenges are significantly stressing the HE system, which is responsible for the availability of equal chances for students and graduates.

A sustainability financial strategy is currently required in order to diversify the income resources. A well-established University-Enterprise Partnership can eventually help the university to enhance the educational and research activities. The capacity part is very dependent upon research. Once Egyptian universities have that information they can build the right relationship and present better research outputs and community services.

This Seminar, which will be held next 23-24 October in Cairo, aims to raise awareness about fundraising types & methodologies and to create professional fundraising environment in Egyptian Universities through round table discussion with policy maker. Dr. Tatyana Koryakina Antunes, researcher at the Centre for Research in Higher Education Policies (CIPES), will participate in this seminar by presenting different types of fundraising initiatives and good practices on the relationship between University and different fund resources.