Upcoming TAM: Training Seminar on Academic, Administrative and Financial Autonomy of Higher Education Institutions (Kazakhstan)

Monday, 11 June, 2018 to Saturday, 16 June, 2018

At present, higher education institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan operate in the context of a regulated system of higher education. However, there is an increasing common understanding that universities cannot effectively implement their educational and research activities without autonomy; a higher degree of organizational, financial and academic freedom is a pre-condition for modernization of university governance. In this context, this TAM, which will take place in Almaty, Kazakhstan on 11-12 June, will offer participants the opportunity to:

  • Be familiarised with existing models of university autonomy
  • Identify principles of university operations under the condition of enhanced autonomy
  • Develop recommendations on enhancing the academic culture at all levels of the university structure
  • Identify approaches for transitioning to academic, administrative and financial autonomy

The seminar will include the participation of Dr. Jamil Salmi, Global Tertiary Education Expert with more than 25 years experience providing policy advice to governments and university leaders in about 95 countries on all continents. He will provide an overview of existing models of university autonomy, showcase best practices in university operations and give recommendations on transitioning to academic, administrative and financial autonomy.