Upcoming TAM: Roundtable on Internal QA Systems development in HE: Instruments for motivating change at the personal, institutional and national levels (Ukraine)

Thursday, 24 May, 2018

In 2014, the Ukrainian Law “On Higher Education” introduced the establishment of the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance and the development of a Quality Assurance system. Subsequently, the new law from 2017 specifies how the Ukrainian QA system will work in practice.  In light of these legislative changes, Ukrainian Universities are developing their internal QA procedures, in line with the ESG. This is a   novel process; Universities have to develop appropriate procedures and criteria, train QA expert pools based on new approaches, engage students and employers and further adapt to university autonomy and the responsibility that it implies.

In this context, this TAM aims to generate recommendations for the implementation of new approaches to Internal Quality Assurance in line with the ESG, including: 

  • Development of Internal Quality Assurance procedures;
  • Development of approaches for stakeholder engagement and cooperation with academic staff in the frame of QA processes;
  • Analyzing the role of the State, employers and other stakeholders in Higher Education Quality Assurance, especially for regulated professions (eg, Medicine, Law, Engineering and Teaching);
  • Developing Instruments to motivate academic staff to obtain competencies in QA tools and procedures, to participate in QA processes and to better understand how  to improve higher education quality.

The seminar will include the participation of Tia Loukkola, Director for Institutional Development, EUA.