HERE Annual Conference 12-13 December, 2016, Barcelona, Spain

Monday, 12 December, 2016 to Tuesday, 13 December, 2016

HERE and their mission: Contributing to higher education reform

HERE Annual Conference

Barcelona, Spain, 12-13 December, 2016

Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) are, by title, tasked to contribute to higher education reform in their countries. But higher education reforms are complex and multifaceted processes: A policy paper may be at the very start of it, intended to set it in motion a process. This process then requires broader approaches, to transfer the paper into practice. Reform processes not only have to pull together the technical expertise and the legal framework, but they have to consider a wide range of higher education stakeholders and encourage and facilitate their proactive contribution: national ministries, higher education institutions and their members (students and staff), professional bodies and associations, NGOs, enterprises, etc. 

Contributing to HE Reform is not just about expertise on a particular issue, but also about understanding political structures and processes, and having the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in relevant contexts. This in itself is a skill that HERE aspire (or should aspire) to sharpen. While, usually, these skills are acquired by doing, the present conference will provide a rare opportunity to train for them.

This conference is open to HERE of all different profiles and intends to tackle higher education reform issues in a systematic, interrelated way. While previous HERE events and seminars targeted specific themes, this conference will bring them together, and look at their interplay. An asset in this regard will be that HERE will discuss policy reform in an international context, surrounded by peers from more than 20 countries, many of which are experienced policy makers.  

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