Background information

HERE Seminar
Qualifications Frameworks: What are they, how do they work, what is their impact?
19-20 September, 2016
Warsaw University of Technology - Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management
4th Floor, Room 4.05
ul. Rektorska 4, pok. 0.27, 00-614 Warsaw

Qualifications frameworks (QF) are developed at both national and regional level across the globe, including in Europe and many of its partner countries. QF can be driven by different motivations: They can help to render an education system more transparent, by classifying qualifications and showing how one can progess from and between different levels and sectors of education, provide an indication of the learning outcomes that learners would  achieve at each level of education, assist with recognition of qualifications within and between countries and regions, and  contribute to quality assurance systems.

As most QFs are relatively recent developments, they still have to prove their benefits, and to gain the ownership and understanding of the wider public.

The HERE Needs Assessment and the request for Technical Assistance Missions confirm that QF are a key area of interest for national reform development. This seminar will provide insight on both national and regional QFs, and assess their potential and real impacts.

Learning outcomes

Participants are expected to:

  • Understand the different reasons why qualifications frameworks (QF) are developed for the education sector, and specifically for higher education
  • Understand current European trends regarding regional frameworks and national frameworks, as well as obstacles
  • Be able to assess the implications of qualifications frameworks for recognition and mobility, transparency of systems, quality assurance and lifelong learning/flexible study paths
  • Understand effective ways in which qualifications frameworks can be developed the processes needed to build buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Understand some of the concrete impacts of qualifications frameworks on institutions

Who should attend?

You should consider attending if you are :

  • Dealing with QF administration or development at national level, or within your institution or organisation
  • systematically involved in higher education reform in other areas – but are frequently confronted with issues that are linked or could be linked to QF (e.g. in the area of national and international recognition processes, lifelong learning, recognition of prior learning etc., transition between institutions, education sectors within your country and internationally, career development offices, quality assurance systems etc.)

Colleagues at all levels of experience are welcome, and would benefit, as this will be an opportunity to share ideas and experience and get a broader, more comprehensive understanding of an issue that at national level is often discussed within rather narrow frameworks of existing structures and rules.

How to prepare

  • Check out the information posted on the Virtual Community
  • Tasks for all participants: there will be a survey which you would have to complete before the event. (on the actual or intended purpose of your national QF, what it should do, or help to do? What are the intended improvements? Who would benefit? And some other questions….)


  • As collection of recommended literature for the preparation for the event is posted in the document below.
reading_recommendations_warsaw.pdf (535.51 KB)Download