HERE Study Visit
Learning outcomes and student-centred learning: implications for learning and teaching

University of Tallinn – 18-19 April, 2016

(last update 12 april 2016)

17 April - arrival

18:00     Pre-event meeting with speakers and chairs.   Room M649 (Uus-Sadama 5, 6th floor).

19:00    Welcome reception  at Tallinn University Campus 3RD floor atrium (Uus-Sadama 5) Offered by TLU  


18 April - Learning outcomes (LO) and student-centred learning (SCL): implications for learning and teaching

8:15       Registration

9:00       Welcome from host and organisers

Tiit või Priit, TLU
Nicolas Patrici and Howard Davies, UB/EUA Sphere team
Anne Spangemacher, EACEA 

9:15       Session 1: Learning outcomes – State of play in Europe and partner countries

The session will start with an introduction on current developments in SCL in the context of the Bologna Process. It will also consider the expectations and experiences of the participants. It will include two case studies by HERE from different countries, setting the tone for the event and providing contrasting examples. The presentations will address: 1) Definitions of SCL in respective countries and systems, 2) Achievements, problems and challenges in implementing SCL. There will then be discussion with participants regarding 1) the state of play of LO and SCL in their institutions / countries and 2) differing understandings of SCL.

Presentation: New / renewed emphasis in the Bologna Process and report on the pre-survey of the participants - Howard Davies, EUA/SPHERE (20 min)

Inputs from two HERE: The experience of introducing learning outcomes in Partner Countries  

1. - The case of Jordan (15 min) -  Isam Zabalawi.  HERE Jordan

2. - The case of Georgia  (15 min)- Irma Grdzelidze. HERE Georgia

Chair: Nicolas Patrici, SPHERE Team


11.00     Coffee break

11:30     Session 2: Shift to learning outcomes: the case of the University of Tallinn

The session will introduce TLU and provide an overview of the specific topics to be addressed throughout the study visit. The presentation (30-40 min) will include:

A very short general presentation on higher education in Estonia and on TLU
How the shift to learning outcomes took place: process, identity of leaders and actors (including external stakeholders), division of tasks, challenges and obstacles, goals for the future
Changing pedagogics, the culture of learning and teaching, the assessment of learning
Changes in the process of course / programme development and validation
Implications for assessment and examination
Changes in quality assurance
Resources: physical spaces, learning resource banks, staff training, funding

Presenter: Heidi Paju, Study Management Senior Specialist, TLU

Chair: Howard Davies, EUA/SPHERE Team


13:00     Lunch (side meeting of SPHERE, TLU, EACEA and faculty coordinators to brief the group discussion)

14.00     Session 3: Panel - Presentations from different faculties (introduction to break-out groups)

Different faculty coordinators from TLU and other Estonian universities will present on a panel regarding the implementation of LOs in their faculties and fields – with a 10-minute input from each panellist:

Engineering – Jakob Kübarsepp, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Tallinn University of Technology

Arts and humanities - Lennart Mänd, Professor, Head of the Department of Leather Art, Estonian Academy of Arts
Medicine & natural sciences – Tõnis Karki, Associate Professor in Medical Microbiology, University of Tartu
Social sciences (TLU),

Chair: Nicolas Patrici, SPHERE Team

14.45     Session 4: Break out groups: Discussion of experience, challenges and successes at the faculty/discipline level

4 groups - Presentations and discussions in groups from different academic fields. HERE of different discipline-specific groups will be mixed. Each group will be led by a faculty coordinator of an Estonian HEI.


Lindita Tahiri – HERE Kosovo   
Mohammed AlSubu – HERE Palestine -
Diala Hamaidi – HERE Jordan  -
Ma`ayan Hagage- HERE Israel

SPHERE Team will distribute a group list 

16:30     Coffee break

17.00     Session 5: Plenary – Feedback from break-out groups: Questions, observations, conclusions               

Panel with rapporteurs reporting back on beak-out group discussion (5 minutes each, followed by discussion with participants).

Chair: Howard Davies, EUA/SPHERE Team

18:00     Close

19:30     Dinner

19 April – The shift to learning outcomes and student-centred learning: the implications for institutions and higher education systems

9.00       Session 6: System level developments: Place of LO and SCL in the national reform process

The panel discussion will touch upon the interface with secondary education and the employers’ perspective. Two options for the structure of the panel: one (dependent on ministry participation) would include a 15-minute presentation by the ministry of HE, describing how the development of SCL is conceived and incentivised at national level, followed by panellists’ reactions. The second option would be that each panellist presents for seven minutes followed by discussion.

Panellists (5-6):          

Tiina Annus, Ministry of Education and Research
Eve Eisenschmidt, Vice-Rector for Development, Tallinn University
Hanna Kanep, Universities Estonia
Student from the Student Union, tbc
Representative, VET sector, tbc

Chair: Howard Davies, EUA/ SPHERE Team

Coffee break

11.00    Session 7: Changing the learning culture: The impact of ICT and digitalisation

The panel will continue the discussions held in Session 6 but focusing on how one specific institution has adapted the strategic lines set both at the national and at the institutional level and then, will focus on the case of ICT and e-learning. 

a) The role of ICT in delivering upon national and institutional strategies for SCL

b) A case of Tallinn University regarding ICT and e-learning (faculty or course specific)

Presenter: Kaija Kumpas-Lenk, Research Coordinator, School of Educational Sciences, Tallinn University

Chair. Howard Davies, EUA/SPHERE Team

12.30     Lunch

13.30     Session 8: System level developments: Quality assurance

Presentation from Estonian Agency for Quality 30 min) – Hillar Baumann, Assessment Director, Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education
Comments and reactions by TLU  - Maris Peters, Internationalisation Coordinator, Tallinn University

Chair:  Nicolas Patrici, SPHERE Team

14.30     Brief presentation of HERE Virtual Community – Nicolas Patrici, SPHERE Team

15.00     Session 9: Concluding session

                Summary – Howard Davies, SPHERE Team

                Reactions and lessons learned by the HERE (discussion with audience)

Concluding remarks – Anne  Spangemacher  (EACEA, Howard Davies and Nicolas Patrici, SPHERE team and Eve Eisenschmidt, Vice-Rector for Development, Tallinn University

15.45-16.30         Campus tour – optional –  (participants can sign in for the tour at the registration desk during the first day of the event)

Evening: departure - participants free for dinner