Background information

The project ‘Centralised Support for Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE)’ offers every year two study visits to universities and higher education organisations in European Union or partner countries welcoming around 40 HERE.

The study visits have a strong institutional dimension, in that they provide an insight into strategies and goals, governance and management, structures, processes and activities of a particular university, regarding a specific topic, such as mobility, internationalisation, quality assurance etc. To provide a better and more comprehensive understanding they may also consider system level policies and initiatives.

Study visits are highly interactive, and allow participants to meet and discuss with staff and students of the hosting university, but also with other stakeholders such as government/ministry officials, higher education agencies, employers.

The present study visit focuses on learning outcomes and student-centred learning and will take place in the period of 18-19 April 2016 at the University of Tallinn, Estonia.

Learning objectives and target group

Participants would have an opportunity to learn

  • what learning outcomes and student-centred learning are.
  • how have they been developed and implemented in different disciplines.
  • what are the changes and challenges that result from them to the institutions and its members
  • the role of and collaboration with external stakeholders (employers and industry).
  • the interplay of institution and higher education system (role of the Ministry, rectors ‘conference, QA agency and qualifications framework)

The event  will give participants an insight into the institutional practice on learning outcomes and student-centred learning. It will also address some issues regarding the interplay of institution, higher education system and  external stakeholders.

The event addresses practitioners at all levels of experience and knowledge of the issue, but would also be relevant to colleagues with no immediate experience with learning outcomes and student-centred learning (university leadership, ministries, QA agencies) who need a better understanding of the institutional shift to learning outcomes and student-centred learning and their impacts on the institution and the higher education system. The study visit follows up on the 2015 Conference (Dec. 2015, Tbilisi), but participation in the conference is not a condition.

Background documents:

Official website of the Bologna Process

Declan Kennedy, Áine Hyland and Norma Ryan published in the Bologna Handbook: 'Writing and Using Learning Outcomes - a practical guide


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