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On behalf of the SPHERE Team, we are pleased to present the report of the annual conference “EU and its Neighbours: Higher Education Policy and Cooperation” that took place in...Read more
A report produced by the European External Action Service and the European Commission highlights that Ukraine has pursued the implementation of a number of reforms identified in its Association Agenda...Read more
On the occasion of the Eastern Partnership Summit on 24 November 2017, the European University Association (EUA) would like to underline the importance of higher education and research in fostering...Read more
The European Commission has published a new Communication on “Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture” which outlines its vision of a European Education Area for 2025. The goal is...Read more
Employment is a real challenge among the newly graduated student. However, a gap exist between the academic skills and the labor market needs. In order to discuss about this issue...Read more
3 December, 2017 to 4 December, 2017
Joint programmes and joint degrees are increasingly seen as a strategic means to internationalise higher education institutions, as they offer not only unique mobility opportunities to students, but also to...Read more
17 March, 2016 to 18 March, 2016
Dr. Ryszard Zamorski is currently a Bologna Expert for DAAD (The German Academic Exchange Service) and an Erasmus Expert at his institution, the UTP University of Science and Technology in...Read more
Article by Tatevik Gharibyan is a HERE, an expert at the Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia and Co-founder of the ExHEO education and career development foundation. *The views...Read more
Considering the latest reforms in the Higher Education System (HES) of Uzbekistan, the role of the HERE is becoming more significant. As usual, after the HERE study visit on ‘The...Read more
HERE Annual Conference 2017 EU and its Neighbours: Higher Education Policy and Cooperation Brussels, Belgium – 11-12, December 2017 Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) have been tasked to contribute to...Read more
11 December, 2017 to 12 December, 2017
In June, the SPHERE Team reported about the success of the Bologna Ministerial Conference in May in Paris, and the ambitious Communiqué that has been adopted. As the celebrations are...Read more
On behalf of the SPHERE Team, we are pleased to present the report of the annual conference “HERE and their mission: contributing to higher education reform” that took place in...Read more
The Egyptian Higher Education system is consider one of the largest and the oldest system in the Middle East. One of the major challenges to this system is the limited...Read more
23 October, 2017 to 24 October, 2017
In June 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine appointed Yuriy Rashkevych as the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine – responsible for Higher Education and European Integration...Read more
From February to May 2017 the European Commission conducted a mid-term review of Erasmus+ in order to prepare the new programme for 2020. The aim of this consultation was to...Read more
Organised by the Maltese presidency of the Council of the EU with an aim to enhance knowledge transfer, research collaboration and innovation in the Mediterranean Region, this Ministerial Conference was...Read more
Technical Assistance Missions (TAM) are intended to be flexible tools to support HERE countries to discuss and advance in specific higher education reform related topics. Several of the regions covered...Read more
Ahmad Jammal is currently Director of Higher Education from the Ministry of Higher Education in Lebanon and a dedicated HERE Team member With a longstanding expertise in higher education, Mr...Read more
The National Erasmus + Office in Israel, in collaboration with the Israeli HERE Team, has dedicated two Technical Assistance Missions to the topic of internationalisation, with the perspective to develop...Read more
Ranking of study programmes in Serbia is one of the goals in the Strategy for Education Development in Serbia 2020, developed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development...Read more
26 September, 2017 to 27 September, 2017
The third edition of the “Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers” Conference” (FOHE-BPRC3) aims at providing a unique forum for dialogue between researchers, experts and policy makers in...Read more
27 November, 2017 to 29 November, 2017
Lebanese higher education has been expanding largely in the past decade. Several new HEIs have been established to respond to the constantly increasing demand for higher education. A strategic plan...Read more
9 November, 2017
Joint Degrees and Joint Programmes strengthen universities as a whole and reinforce their internationalisation. They also provide students wider access to resources, professors and opportunities. In this context, this TAM,...Read more
10 October, 2017 to 11 October, 2017
In October 2015, the Albanian Parliament ratified the new law for higher education based on academic freedom, university autonomy and parity of chances, as well as national standards for both...Read more
18 October, 2017
The European Learning & Teaching Forum aims to provide an opportunity for institutional representatives to meet and discuss developments in learning and teaching at European universities. The topics covered will...Read more
28 September, 2017 to 29 September, 2017