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HERE Seminar

The European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG) in practice:

 Implications for HEIs and higher education systems

19-20 October 2016, Lviv, Ukraine

The Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) are the basis for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). In Yerevan in 2015, Bologna ministers endorsed a revised version of the ESG (ESG 2015), which includes a number of updated and amended elements to which stakeholders will need to adapt in the near future. This includes a stronger focus on the role of institutions in taking charge of quality assurance.

In the Bologna countries covered by the SPHERE Initiative (Support for Higher Education Reform Experts), the ESG are of direct relevance, and many governments, HEIs and social actors are craving good practice and advice for how to best implement them. In other HERE countries, particularly in the Southern Mediterranean, European QA standards, guidelines and practices also have an impact; increasingly systems are looking towards Europe as they build and reform their own QA systems.

This HERE seminar aims at generating awareness for the ESG 2015 amongst HERE. It intends to support HERE to promote QA reform in their countries, and embed ‘quality culture’ at grass-root level – the level of HEIs – as well as in cooperation with governments, QA agencies and all pertinent stakeholders. It will target both HERE that are in leadership positions in their HEI, as will as relevant ministry and QA agency officals. In addition, the seminar will address the role of students in QA, thus student HERE a very welcome.

Learning outcomes:

  • Generate awareness for the ESG 2015, what they consist of, how they have been built and endorsed and how they are being implement in different European countries
  • Discuss and debate in particular the institutional responsibility for QA and the need to build capacity for this
  • Learn about the conditions for building dynamic QA systems that take into account national and regional needs and interests, as well as the changing HE landscape


SPHERE has selected a few suggestions that should help participants to prepare for the topics which the seminar addresses. Please find bellow a list of suggested documents: 

Reading suggestions

Other material

If participants have any further suggestions, articles or presentations they want to share, please post links on the Virtual Community and/ or send them to the SPHERE team.



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